Meet Anton!

A Swedish Frequent Traveller

With a mother from Hungary, My family and I  tended to visit our friends and family in the east European country during the summers, when I was younger. Together with my parents and two siblings, we often took the car from my hometown in Sweden, Linköping, and started the 1900 km drive towards Dunaharaszti, Hungary. Throughout these trips we always made detours around Europe to see new places. This is where my interest for travel and culture started!

The last five years I have travelled quite intensively. From military parades in Russia, meeting penguins in South Africa, Skiing in New Zealand, being knife robbed in Argentina and drinking home made Vodka in Tajikistan. I have seen and experienced a lot – so I thought – why not document it and share it with others? That’s how I got the idea for #Antonpåtur

(Kyrgyzstan 2019)

Where have I been?

Here’s some stats!

According to the United Nations, there is a total of 193 independent states (countries) in the world. These also include the likes of Vatican City State, Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. I have a goal to visit as many places as possible!

Below is an overview of how I am doing.

56 %


25 % 


7 %


7 %

North America

21 %

South America

3 %



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